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Avatar the Last Airbender – the avatar’s love (harp)

you’re flying on appa’s back, peering out at a gentle orange sunset. a warm breeze rustles your clothes, while momo chirps in his sleep. your friends are all around you. you’re safe.

every episode of iCarly

Dan Shnider has a foot fetish.


What would Phineas and Ferb be doing as 25 year olds? Why, being drug lords of course!

The Neverending Story Trailer HD

A troubled boy dives into a wonderous fantasy world through the pages of a mysterious book.

Dr. Lee Fights To Remove This Man’s Stubborn “Popeye Muscle” | Dr. Pimple Popper |NSFW

Chuck has a huge “Popeye muscle” on his right arm that turns out to be more complicated to remove than Dr. Sandra Lee expected. Will she be able to remove the lipoma without damaging Chuck’s muscle tissue?

Gordon Ramsay in Disguise!

No swearing… it must have been difficult!