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The hardest kanji to write in the world

Who would ever take the time to write this WOW.


D’Angelo Wallace critiquing influencers doesn’t get old. At least he tried to be nice.

History of Germany in a nutshell

History of Germany in a nutshell

Dr. Lee Fights To Remove This Man’s Stubborn “Popeye Muscle” | Dr. Pimple Popper |NSFW

Chuck has a huge “Popeye muscle” on his right arm that turns out to be more complicated to remove than Dr. Sandra Lee expected. Will she be able to remove the lipoma without damaging Chuck’s muscle tissue?

White Monkey Jobs in China Explained

What is a white monkey job? A white monkey job is a job in China where you get paid to represent something that you don’t necessarily know anything about. Everyone has heard the term, “big in Japan”. Enter the age of “big in China”.

Vocal production for Billie Eilish by Finneas

A sneak peek from Finneas’ ‘Inside The Track” series in which he shares some of the vocal production secrets behind Billie Eilish’s single “Therefore I Am”

What if We Nuke the Moon?

What would happen if we were to detonate a very very powerful nuclear weapon on the moon? Would the explosion knock its orbit towards earth, causing tidal waves and misery? Could the moon be destroyed, showering the earth in a rain of meteoric death?